Drupal 7 Views 3

In Drupal, when you add exposed filters, it defaults to first word of your select list. But if you want to show all the results on page load then you have to set the exposed filters to "Any" option by default.

To do this:

Add a filter and Expose filter to visitors.

Choose Single filter, give it a label, choose "Is one of" under Operator, and have no terms selected/highlighted in the "Select terms from vocabulary" box. The only option checked under the vocab box is "Display error message."

TIP: CTRL- or CMD-click to unselect the items in the box.

You have to add a simple CSS on your CSS global file.

.ajax-progress-throbber {
    display: none;

To remove from a particular view add the view class(.your-view-class) before .ajax-progress-throbber class like:

.your-view-class .ajax-progress-throbber {
    display: none;
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