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It is issue from the drupal core :


but it would not cause a malfunction of the whole Drupal.

If you want to repair this, you have to edit the file :

inside, includes / file.inc line 909 WATCHDOG_ERR, you have to replace this with  WATCHDOG_ERROR


You have to apply the patch from above drupal link.


DrupalChat is module in drupal 7 used for the chatting purpose in a drupal website. you can download it from the following link.


Features Of DrupalChat:

1.One to One and one to many chat.

2.Public chatroom.

3. selectable List of online users.

4.Supports chat for anonymous users  and many other features.

The steps for "Drupal Chat Integration"  are as follows:

1.Download the Zip/rar file from the following link "https://drupal.org/project/drupalchat".

2.Then extract this in all/site/module folder.

3.Also download Session API from this link "https://drupal.org/project/session_api".

4.Extract session API in the Same aa/site/module folder.

5.Now go to drupal 7 modules and check the  box of DrupalChat and Session API.

6.Now go to configuration and configure the Drupal Chat and session API according to requirement.

7.Now test the Chat ,it works 

This is all about DrupalChat Module .......

**If u got an error related to Node.js, you must also install that.





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