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You might get this error if you are using Memcached . It means that you have restrated the server but you have not restarted the memcached again.

For restarting the memcached, login to your account using a program like Putty and run the following command 

/etc/init.d/memcached restart


service memcached restart

1. Put your website in offline mode inside your site maintenance mode.

2. Download the latest module from drupal.org.

3. Backup your database and module which you are going to replace, incase something went wrong. 

4. Replace that module with latest module that you have downloaded from drupal.org.

5. Go to your website and run update.php script . For example www.example.com/update.php .

6. Run the update steps and thats it !

Solution : This will be due to that you might be upgraded the version of PHP . For example 5.1 to 5.3+

So, your <? ?> quotes will not work. Either you have to make it  like <?php ?> . Or you have to enable <? ?> php quotes in PHP.ini file.

You can Go to php.ini and set the memory_limit variable to some higher value like 256M or 512M

In case if you dont find php.ini file on the server.

You can find it here /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/  or in etc/php.ini file.

 Make the changes and dont forget to restart the server again.

To Restart the server you have to run following command  :  service httpd restart ​on your command line like putty.



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