Drupal Performance Issues With Lightbox2, Imagecache, and CCK

Lightbox2 is a great module for drupal . It allow us to overlay images on the pages . But it has a severe performance issues also when it comes to large scale websites which has many content types and presets.

It makes your website pages load slower by executing thousand of queries which will take potential time in execution.

Some potential facts that might tell you that your website is suffering from this cause :

1. Admin pages are hard to surf.

2. It takes more time to "modules" page than before. Also, after "saving configuration" on modules page, it takes much longer time than expected.

3. Your website login process become slow .

4. On pages where light box is applied "inline" using relation ("rel") attribute consume much more time to render.

If you are facing above issue, then you might try the patch which is given in this post https://drupal.org/node/409354#comment-3884016 . After trying this patch on the production website, the speed goes faster on all above pages and lightbox2 starts executing normally like other modules.

This patch gives you admin interface for configuration, but rather than setting anything on administration page. You will feel the difference after applying this patch. Though you can configure the new settings inside your lightbox settings.

You can find the module with patch applied with this post. You can download it and install it on your website.

If you are looking for another solution, which is not administrative, you can review this post also https://drupal.org/node/409354#comment-4563068 . It allows you to define settings in settings.php file.