Change the Select option TEXT with Jquery

To Change the text of a option value with in a text box use the following code :
In below example just change the select id name "edit-field-category-tid option" with your select id and 1,2,3,4 represent the order of terms in selectbox

$("#edit-field-category-tid option").eq(1).text("Bares y Restaurantes");
$("#edit-field-category-tid option").eq(2).text("Grandes Superficies");
$("#edit-field-category-tid option").eq(3).text("Mayoristas");
$("#edit-field-category-tid option").eq(4).text("Al Detal");


$('select option:contains("Online")').text('offline');

Please Note : You can use the above code to change the values on drupal views filter expose form select box. The possible scenario is to change the text on change on language. But for that you have to change
the "Ajax : No " inside your views.